ImageSteampunk is the juxtaposition of old-fashioned, primarily Victorian fashion and style that has been twisted. Steam symbolizes the era of steam power, and what would have happened if steam had continued as the way to power the world. Steampunk laptops, anyone? The punk aspect is the free-wheelin’, anything goes aspect that distinguishes steampunk from other recreation groups.

Steampunk has formed into a subculture with steampunkers developing entire characters and costumes. There are books and movies and even steampunk vehicles. All share some traits in common; they are fantastic voyages into potential timelines. Whether the costume or story is set in the late 1800’s or in an apocalyptic future, they all represent what could be happening in parallel dimensions.

So if you like to dress up in imaginative fashions and help create a fantastic world, follow my posts on steampunk as I share this fun and creative style.

All Seriously Steamy posts and images unless listed otherwise are copyright AlishaV 2013


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